French start-up: 1st Interactive TV gambling channel in France, with an extension to all digital platforms such as the Web and mobile telephony. It started as an idea in a bar, followed by years of fighting a state monopoly with little resources and huge technical and commercial challenges.

Founder President


Co-founded CashTV to become France's first interactive TV gambling channel, despite the state monopoly of Française des Jeux.

  • Incorporated the company, as an 85% shareholder and President, with the vision to become the first mover on the French online gambling market, with an initial focus on interactive TV.
  • Created an innovative "free-to-play" business model, compliant with French Law, based on "gambling" through Premium rate connections with a possibility for players to be refunded.
  • Branded and designed "CashTV", the first casual gambling iTV channel in France, inspired by similar UK channels, offering lotteries, slot-machines, video-poker, etc.
  • Negotiated and secured exclusive rights of distribution of CashTV on Canal Satellite, the No1 iTV operator in France, despite an initial refusal by their legal department.
  • Designed the games pay-out strategy to maximize their face-value to the players within the constraints of our business model (30% pay-out vs FDJ 65% or casinos 95-98%).
  • Helped design the complex technical infrastructure required to enable playing through technically challenged set-top boxes combined with a tricky middleware broadcast platform.
  • Achieved 3 rounds of equity raising (business plans, road shows, legal compliance), from Friends & Family to BA and VCs despite a very risky legal landscape.
  • Initiated and implemented CashTV's internet equivalent (designed content, created games, defined payment methods, managed marketing)
  • Identified and pitched a strategic partnership with "Que des Jeux", a leading competitor on mobile platforms and on the Internet, with the vision to create the first company offering casual cambling through all interactive technologies in France and to accelerate CashTV's growth. 

CashTV was successfully launched on Canal Satellite in April 2004, followed by launches on the Internet and on mobile platforms. Thanks to the value created by the merger with "Que Des Jeux", the business was sold to "Groupe Partouche", the No 1 Casino group in Europe in 2006.

Cash Chrono went live on Canal Satellite early 2004 and was a 7 out of 36 lottery, with a 20.000€ draw every 15 mins. 18 months of hard work and the 1st game of its kind in France was born!

This "overlay" version enabled us to establish revenue-sharing partnerships with live TV channels: a simple pop-up appears so the viewer can play while watching his program. 

A popular version of Video Poker launched after we managed to raise enough equity to build more games...

One of the many versions of slot machines featured on CashTV. The technical limitations of the platform were always challenged by our technical team!

One of first games designed for Go around the world, choosing your next city to win 10.000€... Actually, just a scratch card in disguise for players' fun :)

Thanks to the investment by Groupe Partouche, CashTV grew up to become a major player across platforms in France.