ForeFront Europe

US start-up specializing in Internet and utilities software  Shortly after the launch of their European operations based in the UK, I was hired to market and sell their catalog in France, Italy and Spain.

Sales Manager Southern Europe


Established and managed Sales and Marketing in France, Italy and Spain.

  • Managed localization of all products in 3 languages, including software, packaging, consumer and trade marketing material.
  • Managed Marketing communications (designed advertising, hired 3 PR companies, organized trade-shows, etc.)
  • Successfully launched 3 major products, generating a press coverage of over 40 articles per month.
  • Recruited 2 distributors in Spain and Italy in order to accelerate our growth in these countries.
  • Developed the French distribution channels with a variety of retailers (Fnac, Surcouf), one distributor and several OEM agreements and Magazine bundles.

Achieved 147% of Sales objectives after rolling out the brand in all 3 countries within 3 months. However, Forefront US was sold to another US software company (Summer 1997) which closed down European operations.

Guerilla Marketing

Some examples of creative OEM deals, bundling our products with magazines to generate revenue and awareness.

French Packaging Webseeker
OEM DEAL .net webwhacker
French Print AD
Ad WW + WS