Packard Bell Europe

Worldwide leader of the Consumer PC market in 1996, with a value proposal based on the fast and affordable integration of all new technologies, ease-of-use and a massive pre-loaded software bundle.

Product Manager Europe


Designed, localized and implemented all software elements for Packard Bell Europe PC ranges of 1995 & 1996 across 15 countries.

  • Joined the newly created PB Marketing Europe 5-people team, based in Angers (France), reporting to the Marketing Director Europe.
  • Managed all software elements, including the OS (transition from Microsoft Windows 3.1 to Windows 95), User interface (Packard Bell Navigator), Software bundle and Internet tools.
  • Expanded the software bundled with each PC from 6 to over 35 programs without adding to the unit cost ($20), offering games, education, productivity and multimedia tools, reference, etc.
  • Segmented the market, tested the products, negotiated license agreements with all software vendors, liaised with Engineering to ensure adequate integration, production and support.
  • Managed the localization of Packard Bell Navigator (User interface) for all 15 countries.
  • Hired, trained and managed an Assistant.
  • Created Packard Bell's first Internet range in 1996, tailored to the consumer PC market (selcted ISPs, wrote a 60-page Internet Guide, introduced Internet tools)

Increased the total face-value of the Software bundled with each Packard Bell machine to $2.000, with star products such as Microsoft Encarta, MS Word, Duke Nukem, "Le Louvre", helping Packard Bell become Europe's first Consumer PC manufacturer in 1996 with 1.3M units sold.

An overview of 96 Packard Bell Navigator, a user-friendly interface designed to facilitate access to all functions and bundled software. Kindly recorded by a US fan and "borrowed" with thanks!

A killer game and one of the many Top titles featured in my PB Europe Software Bundle '96!