Compaq France

A remarkable story of entrepreneurship, Compaq started as one of many IBM PC clones, then raised to be the leader in performance and innovation. After it stumbled badly in 1991, Compaq re-invented itself and became the worldwide leader of the PC industry in 1994-95. I was fortunate enough to witness this evolution first-hand, as part of an amazing sales and marketing French team.

Channel Sales Manager France


Managed a nationwide distribution channel of Compaq resellers, retailers, distributors and VARs.

  • Successfully created Compaq France's first sales office outside Paris in 1989, based in Montpellier, to evangelize an IBM stronghold due to their local plant.
  • From 1990 to 1993, based in Paris, managed and expanded a distribution network composed of retailers, resellers, VARs and distributors with a nationwide presence.
  • Trained, managed, supported and motivated over 120 salespersons to increase their Compaq sales.
  • Designed and managed co-marketing operations with my clients, with an annual budget of $1.2M.
  • Prospected Major accounts with my resellers and achieved significant wins (banks, industrial, government, services).

My channel sales grew from 18MFF (1989) to 189 MFF (€30 MM, 1993), earning me 5 consecutive Sales Awards, including during the 1991 downturn.

In the mid-80s, Compaq UK produced a memorable series of TV Ads featuring John Cleese... British non-sensical humour at its best! (source: CompaqVet on YouTube)

Made from 386 chips and 32 bits of a bus... I'm not gonna do this ad, I've got a reputation to think of! Genius :)

Another brilliant ad and a great one-liner from John Cleese: I need speed! The new Compaq Deskpro, it simply works better.

Computers often make people quite angry or CO (Commanding Officer), MP and a queue?! (source for the ads: CompaqVet on YouTube)

One final treat: "We don't really need a portable Computer, you see: we have Bruno!" (source for the ads: CompaqVet on YouTube)

Not nearly as funny, just the growth of my yearly sales at Compaq from 1989 to 1993.

Evolution of my sales 1989-1993