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Once the undisputed leader and reference of the computer industry, at a time where mainframes and dinosaurs ruled the world, IBM Corp has become largely irrelevant from a technological perspective, although it is still a strong place for fundamental research and a very profitable consultancy and services business. And it was a good place to start!

Systems Representative Project Manager


Joined IBM as Systems Representative in December 1983, initially assigned as Project Manager at IBM France Translation Center.

  • Managed localization of software and hardware for a variety of products, including Connected PCs and workstations.
  • Trained and managed in-house translators and sub-contractors to ensure a timely delivery of high quality French documentation and products.
  • Coordinated all services involved from IBM US and UK Labs to Engineering and Printing
  • Technical Support missions for Major Bank Accounts.
  • Project Management and development of transactional applications.
  • PC-to-Mainframe connection specialist, Confirmed Systems Representative.

Although I learned a lot and I did enjoy my initial responsibilities as Project Manager of new and exciting projects in an international environment, I decided to resign in October 1988 in order to move to a Sales position.


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