After achieving my Engineering Degree, I worked for IBM France and Compaq France until 1993. At that stage, I decided to widen my horizons and to open new opportunities by earning an MBA. My preferred option was applying to Insead, one of the best MBAs in the world.

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Considered as one of the best MBA programs in the world, INSEAD delivered on every aspect and was a unique experience of learning and working hard within international teams from all horizons.

  • Majored in International Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • World-class MBA Program with a strong International focus
  • Intense, case-based training driven by pluri-disciplinary student groups
  • Exceptional diversity of talents and networking opportunities

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ESSTIN Engineering Degree

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A French School of Engineering, ESSTIN offers a 5-year program focused on "training engineers who will be able to adapt to new technologies".

  • "Learning to Learn"
  • Strong 5-year training addressing all technologies
  • Member of French "Grandes Ecoles" network
  • Specialized in "Computer Sciences" and "Sciences of Materials"