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The Story

Mid-2001, after my successful exit with PlayJam, I decided to take a gap year to learn how to DJ and the basics of Digital Music Production...

I bought myself a full DJ gear, started putting together a proper music collection and pretty soon, I sent out my first demo mix in a "fresh talent" competition organized by legendary after-hours club Trade. My mix was selected and I was invited to play at this mythical club...

I started my own weekly club night Detox in May 2002 and I was lucky enough to play gigs at great clubs such as Egg, The Cross and Colosseum, before landing a Saturday night residency at Heaven. In july 2004, I moved back to Paris to take care of my new venture CashTV and I seized the opportunity to launch Detox Paris in May 2005.

Back in London, early 2005, I started to produce and sell my mixes in selected Soho record stores until Summer 2007 when I launched my podcast "The World is my House", with a fast-growing fan base on iTunes and PodOmatic. After modestly re-branding it "Best of House Music", I grew its visibility through social media, until May 12th 2012, when "Best of House Music" became the number one podcast worldwide on PodOmatic and I decided to end it and get back to business!


My 1st Club night: Detox.

A weekly dose of Funky house music, on Sunday nights, Detox became a successful social gathering and lasted over 5 years, in a very selective London scene.


Residency at Heaven!

On 20th September 2003, I started a weekly Saturday residency at the infamous Heaven. I was selected to mix Heaven's 24th Anniversary Promo CD.

Playing at the Cross.

One of London's favourite venues, until it closed down due to St Pancras renovation: I played there with The Sharp Boys.

After-hours at Egg.

A brand new venue created by Trade's Laurence Malice, I played a few after-hours sets, opening for living legend Fat Tony :) Best memory: coming up with the idea of mixing Junior Jack's "Da Hype" with Sheryl Lee Ralph's classic "In the Evening"!

Playing at super-club Colosseum.

I only played there once, for the ill-fated club night "Thrust", but it was a privilege to play in the same venue as famous and much-loved after-hours club Beyond.


Detox in Paris.

Since I was in Paris for business, I took the opportunity to organize a few Detox parties there. I'm most proud with our royal flyer!

Made in France

More mixes which remind me of a great holiday in South Africa and getting ready for my return to London!

Bootlegging in Soho!

Upon my return in London, I started to mix and sell a series of CDs at Trax, fond memories of a time where scouting for new tracks was also a social thing... And I couldn't resist calling my first CD "Bitch Is Back"!

More bootlegging in Soho...

Of course, the whole thing was not strictly legal, but I probably spent much more buying music at Trax than selling my productions!


Last bootleg in Soho.

Beatman was the last CD I sold at Trax, before embarking on another adventure....

Podcast at last!

In August, I posted my very first mix on PodOmatic, on my newly created podcast: "The World is my House". Going global ;)

Number 1 at last!

5 years and 50 mixes later, "The World is my House", rebranded as "Best of House Music", finally reached the Top Spot on PodOmatic with this episode, with up to 8.000 downloads per day...

That's All Folks!

Having reached Number 1, I decided to leave on a high note and to move to something else...

Moving On...

The Process

Each 80-minute mix took about a month of hard "work" and started by scanning about 2.000 tracks a day from legal and not-so-legal sources. In the old days, my primary sources included countless hours of scouting for vinyls and CDs in my favourite record stores, such as Trax and Black Market in Soho.

After 2008, unfortunately - given the absurd nature of the music industry distribution, I had to move to digital sources only. Regardless, I had to re-work and re-master each one of the 5% tracks I liked, in order to make sure they sounded good. The process included "christianizing" the best tracks to remove dark or unpleasant bits, to shorten them to 6 minutes each when needed, in order to squeeze in as many tracks as possible and keep the energy up.

I took about 18 to 20 of my favourite tracks to try and compose a mix that had a concept and told a story, starting with funkier and lighter tracks, before moving to more intense and peak-time bangers. My mixing style includes 1 to 3 minute crossovers, some level of harmonic mixing and a fair amount of big bass switches, silly surprises and dubbing bits. Finally, I had to find a stupid name for the mix and design a decent cover!


Tools: Cool Edit 2000

I've been using this WAV Editor for over 15 years and I've probably spent tens of thousands hours cutting, pasting and generally torturing thousands of tracks with this amazing tool.

As an example, here is the first version of Erick Morillo & Eddie Thoneick's "Stronger" I managed to put my sticky fingers on, ripped (stolen) from Pete Tong's radio 1 podcast June 8th 2011, weeks before its official release.

Stronger christianized...

9 hours later, here was my final "clean" version with a proper intro, without the voice-overs and with a sound quality boosted to an acceptable level.

... and just in time to be included in Exclusive which was released on June 11th 2011 on Podomatic with this fantastic track :) - Of course, other bits of software were involved, including Platinum Notes and Magix Audio Cleaning Lab, amongst many others.

layout styles

Tools: AtomixMp3

Up until 2010, I've spent countless hours playing my favourite tracks on this rustic and robust mixer, trying to find the best way to make good tracks sound even better together...

And after much time spent fooling around, nothing beat the moment where I started a "live" recording session, trying to mix 20 tracks in one go to bake an 80-minute mix!. Needless to say, it took several shots and lots of focus to get it right...

Tools: MixMeister

Mid-2010, I started using this tool to ramp up the production of Best of House Music episodes, in order to get to the Top Spot! A typical demo mix would only take half a day...

Call me lazy, call me efficient: while MixMeister took away most of the mixing fun, it definitely got the job done, taking care of the beat matching and facilitating harmonic mixing :)

style switcher

Number 1!

Well, I'm not one to brag, but after 5 years of hard "work" and quite a bit of social media marketing, "Best of House Music" finally made it to the Top Spot on Podomatic on May 12th 2012 with Insert Title Here, not only in the "House Music" category but also including all podcast categories.

With up to 8.000 downloads and 90.000 visitors per day, I decided to call it a day and to pull the plug with a final episode aptly called The End in order to focus on consulting. For those of you who care, I still cook some private mixes, just for fun, and I'm happy to share these with the hundreds of hard core fans who have registered their interest! And that's all folks!

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About the Music

Christian here! For quite some time, I've been mixing uplifting house music for my personal fun: here is a rather exhaustive collection of the mixes I've done (with love) for clubs and for my podcasts "The World is my House", then "Best of House Music". I hope you'll find some tunes you'll like and the good vibes that go with them... View More


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